HVAC Mechanical Design

MSE provides mechanical designs that are sustainable and energy efficient.  Design services cover the spectrum from providing performance specifications through providing detailed plans and specifications.  We strive to match our scope of services to the complexity and budget requirements of the project.  We spend a significant amount of time interviewing our clients at the front end of the project to help ensure we are providing a design that will meet both their operational and first cost expectations.  We continue our interactive with the owner throughout the design process so that we can continuously refine the design to meet owner expectations.

Building Commissioning

MSE provides full commissioning services to our clients to help ensure that their mechanical systems are not only designed and installed properly but also that they are operating properly.  We believe that a simple “punch list” approach to mechanical review at the closeout of a project is not sufficient to ensure that the systems are operating properly.  The process of commissioning puts the systems through their operational paces.   Deficiencies are noted and remedied during this process.  The commissioning process is not complete until the installing contractor has corrected deficiencies.

Energy Studies

MSE will perform detailed energy studies on the client’s facility as a means of determining the cost effectiveness off installing various energy efficiency improvements in the building or process.  Our methodology includes developing a baseline simulation of the building or process.  Once the baseline has been developed, we then superimpose various energy efficiency measures (EEMs) on to the baseline to determine the net energy savings that will result from the measure.  We do this for all EEMs under consideration.  We then develop costs for each of the EEMs and calculate the payback that will result from the installation of these systems.  Once the owner has decided which EEMs to proceed with, we will provide the design necessary to install the EEMs.


MSE provides training for its clients.  This service includes developing custom training programs for Facilities personnel and also training programs that include HVAC Fundamental training.  Customized programs are developed by interviewing the client, visiting the facility and reviewing existing design documents as a means of becoming familiar with the facility’s mechanical systems.  A customized training program is then developed and instructed to the appropriate Facilities personnel.  Training programs include:

·       Chiller system operation & optimization

·       Boiler system optimization & operation

·       Air distribution system operation

·       HVAC design fundamentals

·       Building commissioning